BOScore and Gaming


Blockchain was engineered with the promise of creating trust across a group of people who should have no reason for trusting each other. BOScore has built on this ideal by creating a business operating system based on the EOSIO ecosystem of blockchains developed by the EOSIO software. EOS is a blockchain, created with EOSIO software, that features as part of BOS Inter-Blockchain Communication (BOS IBC). BOS IBC allows tokens to be sent between the other sidechains created using the EOSIO software such as BOS, Telos, Ultra and WAX. Notably, BOScore has mapped Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT) to the native chain of BOS, so that BTC, USDT and ETH can achieve cross-chain circulation on the BOScore network with the other EOSIO-based blockchains.


The gaming industry is an important one where BOScore can play an important role. According to Hugh Cochrane, cofounder of SVK Crypto, “Gaming is one of the verticals that we have identified as proof points for the efficacy of blockchain technology.” Blockchain technology in general is new in the gaming industry with few companies like Hashcash Consultants LLC, Unity Technologies SF, GameCredits Inc. and DMarket using the technology for gaming.

One gaming company that has used the blockchain software behind BOScore is Azarus, a blockchain-based smart challenge platform founded in 2018. Azarus allows gamers to compete for digital assets in both casual and competitive gaming challenges. It operates on a bounty system that rewards players and viewers with AZA credits for watching their favourite videogame streams and answering quiz or “challenge” questions directly. Players are able to win credits redeemable for tangible in-game and game-related items in the Azarus marketplace and are also able to pose questions and have viewers answer them. Correct answers are rewarded with tokens that can be redeemed for merchandise.

EOSIO & Azarus

Azarus uses its own AZA virtual currency, akin to the in-game virtual currency of actual games, and the EOS blockchain is used to power the Azarus platform. The amount of AZA virtual currency earned is a measure of the time players spend on the platform and of their skills or understanding of the game. In order to attract and retain players, Azarus incorporates an EOSIO software-based “Smart Challenge” platform that empowers users to create their own rules and challenges, with the terms notarized on the EOSIO blockchain in order to maximize transparency and fairness. Such transparency means that the platform functions as a self-regulating gaming community with multitudes of users digging into transaction logs and debating over the rightfulness of the outcome. By utilizing the EOSIO software, users can interact with the blockchain without having to know the technicalities.

In order to work, the conditions for the rules and challenges on the EOSIO-based “Smart Challenge” platform are derived from the specific gaming platform in question. Gaming statistics available via the interface such as number of kills, number of deaths, aim accuracy, time spent in-game and so on can be used to set challenges on the platform. By pulling applications programming interface (API) data from the game and using such data to create questions for users watching the game video stream, real-time questions related to gameplay are generated for the quiz. Such questions include, “What was the number of total number of kills the streamer had?” or “Which team won in the last game?” The Azarus platform is also able to come up with predictive questions about future matches.

BOScore’s Future

The theme behind Azarus is that of the leisure economy, where people get paid or rewarded for playing games. This follows the rise in the number of people who want to multi-task, compete and do things fast. By implementing the EOSIO-based “Smart Challenge” platform on the Azarus system for a computer game like Rainbow Six, game publisher, Ubisoft, discovered that there was an increase in viewership and engagement by game streaming viewers. Ubisoft also discovered that players frequented the game more due to the increased engagement.

BOScore and the ecosystem that it has built has the potential to change the gaming industry as gaming activities like trading in virtual currency, creating assets, tracking player activity and issuing challenges become more secure as a result of blockchain technology. This is a direction that BOScore should explore even as it develops its EOSIO network further as a company.



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